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An Internet Built For All: Fast, Affordable and Competitive

The Internet has transformed our lives and the way we learn, communicate, shop, are entertained and so much more. Wired and wireless networks keep us constantly connected no matter where we are. Fast and affordable broadband networks are powering dynamic services and applications that make America a leader in today’s global digital economy.

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Built By Private Capital

Tracking Cable's Investment In Infrastructure

America's Internet builders have invested?$290?Billion?of private capital to deploy broadband networks that reach nearly every corner of the U.S. As the nation's largest broadband provider, cable’s fiber-rich networks are available to over 90?percent of U.S. homes.?

The Need For Speed

Tracking Cable's Top Internet Speeds

The more we use the Internet, the more speed we want. Cable networks' ever-increasing speeds fuel all the streaming, downloading and gaming you want. In just the last few years, maximum speeds have quadrupled – now up to 2 Gigabits per second.?

The U.S. has 4% of the world's population, 10% of its Internet users and 25% of its broadband investment.

Speed For All

Average peak connection speeds in the United States

With 400,000 miles of fiber optics powering cable's broadband networks, communities large and small across America can enjoy the Internet at warp speed.

World Class Speed

Top Twenty Regions Average Peak Connection Speed Globally

America is a big place. When we compare U.S. states to similar-sized regions around the world, we see that America has some of the fastest Internet on Earth. Notice how almost all of the fastest regions are small and densely populated.

Entry-level pricing for American broadband is the second lowest in the OECD.

A Broadband Nation


More than two-thirds of Americans are now online, taking advantage of all the opportunities the Internet offers. But we need to convince all consumers that a broadband connection can enhance their lives.

America's Broadband Leader


Today, there are over 66 million cable broadband customers, each one proving the importance and value of a fast broadband connection.

More than 1.50?million?low-income families have been connected to the internet through cable industry broadband adoption programs.

A Vibrant Marketplace


The U.S. is only one of two countries with three fully deployed broadband technologies where consumers choose from cable modem, DSL and wireless broadband connections. At least 86 percent of Americans have access to four or more broadband providers.



The Internet isn't merely developing, it's exploding, and the numbers prove it. Today, there are more connected devices than there are human beings on the planet. This expansion isn't just from cell phones, tablets and computers – it's thanks to the toothbrushes, stovetops and millions of other devices that now have IP addresses.

89% of U.S. households with broadband used Wi-Fi to connect in the first quarter of 2017.